Jekyllのバージョンを 0.12.0 にあげた

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Gemfile をちょっと修正。redcarpetを追加する、のとpygmentsのバージョンをアップ。

     gem 'rake'
 gem 'jekyll', :git => 'git://'
 gem 'RedCloth'
-gem 'rdiscount'
+gem 'redcarpet'
+#gem 'rdiscount'
 gem 'hparser', :git => 'git://'
-gem 'pygments.rb', '=0.2.12'
+gem 'pygments.rb', '=0.3.2'

そして bundle install



    $ jekyll --help
bundle exec jekyll --help
Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator.

Basic Command Line Usage:
  jekyll                                                   # . -> ./_site
  jekyll <path to write generated site>                    # . -> <path>
  jekyll <path to source> <path to write generated site>   # <path> -> <path>
  jekyll import <importer name> <options>            DB to import from
        --user [TEXT]                Username to use when importing
        --pass [TEXT]                Password to use when importing
        --host [HOST ADDRESS]        Host to import from
        --site [SITE NAME]           Site to import from
        --[no-]safe                  Safe mode (default unsafe)
        --[no-]auto                  Auto-regenerate
        --server [PORT]              Start web server (default port 4000)
        --no-server                  Do not start a web server
        --base-url [BASE_URL]        Serve website from a given base URL (default '/'
        --[no-]lsi                   Use LSI for better related posts
        --time [TIME]                Time to generate the site for
        --[no-]future                Render future dated posts
        --permalink [TYPE]           Use 'date' (default) for YYYY/MM/DD
        --paginate [POSTS_PER_PAGE]  Paginate a blog's posts
        --limit_posts [MAX_POSTS]    Limit the number of posts to publish
        --url [URL]                  Set custom site.url
        --version                    Display current version


    $ jekyll -h
bundle exec jekyll -h



    Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby

    build                Build your site                
    help                 Display global or [command] help documentation.                
    import               Import your old blog to Jekyll         
    serve                Serve your site locally                

  ALI      Safe mode (defaults to false)
        Plugins directory (defaults to ./_plugins)
        Layouts directory (defaults to ./_layouts)
    -h, --help 
        Display help documentation
          Display backtrace when an error occurs

ビルドする時は、 jekyll build

サーバ起動するときは jekyll serve

Redcarpetを使う場合は _config.yml を編集してRedcarpetを使うように指定してやる。

     auto: true
 pygments: true
-markdown: kramdown
+markdown: redcarpet
+#markdown: kramdown
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